Become a Host

Become a host (earn income from your land). Start hosting today.


Why choose Campfly

Gain income from your land. Most importantly you are insured by us. Join the share economy and make new friends.

Campfly X experiences

Campfly X allows landowners to add local unique experiences and generate further income. There is no limit to what you can offer. Guests staying on your land can go horse riding, fossicking, truffle hunting, shooting or even farm animal petting. Campfly has made it easy for hosts to add these experiences.

Booking made easy

Booking is made easy through Camplfy’s innovative platform. You can select the dates you wish to host, set your cancellation policy or even choose instant bookings to make your life a little easier.

How To Become a Campfly Host

Host whenever you want

With Campfly you have total control over your calendar. If certain periods don’t suit, block these out or if you change your mind, edit it later on.

Set your price

You can pretty much charge anything you feel like – just don’t expect your place to be too popular amongst campers if you jack up the prices too much. We offer guidance in terms of what to charge or you can look on the Campfly platform to see what other similar landowners are charging.

Establish rules for your space

Your land your rules. No loud music. No late night parties. No pets. Its easy just set up your rules when listing the land and all guests will have to abide by this.

Quickly coordinate calendars

With Campfly its easy to coordinate calendars and amend bookings at any time.

Is my land right?

Land liaison review team

To ensure our campers have the outdoors experience that we are promoting, we have a several guidelines for a landowner listing on the Campfly platform. These published guidelines need to be reviewed and complied with prior to any listing. When you publish your land our land liaison review team will check to see if it complies to our guidelines prior to approving it and it becoming a Camplfy listing.

Backyards in residential areas

Small backyards (under 2 hectares) in residential areas typically aren’t a fit for Campfly. This is because campers are unlikely to have the space and privacy they need, especially if neighbours can see their site. Campfly promotes seclusion and uniqueness that allow campers to re-connect with the land.

We've got you covered

Safety is of utmost importance to Campfly. As such we are providing hosts with our full support and peace of mind in the rare event of a camper getting injured or your property is damaged. Our policy protects you against any of these rare events occurring.