Hosting Standards

How to be an outstanding host

At Campfly, we are committed to providing the best experience not only for the guest but also the host.  Therefore, we have put together these standards that lay-out all the expectations.  They are here to guide you to becoming the best host possible and an outstanding host.

Maintain an accurate listing: When listing your land you need to be as detailed and accurate as possible.  This can be anything from the directions you are giving to the photos you have provided on the listings.  Campers will be disappointed if they experience anything different to what is listed and will then reflect on the rating they give the host.

Be responsive: We have a strict policy of accepting bookings within 24 hours.  This is to make sure that campers are receiving quick responses and also due to the fact that some campers book at the last minute (i.e. the day before) and therefore require a quick response.

Accept bookings: To create a seamless experience keep your calendar up to date.  This will make sure there is no disappointment.  If needed you can block out dates however any live dates need to be honored.

Only cancel where necessary: All cancellations create a disappointing experience, so Hosts are expected to honor all bookings. We understand that circumstances beyond your control may lead to a warranted cancellation, and we won’t hold those cases against you. However, we ask that you always communicate with your campers to explain these situations before cancelling.

Maintain Positive ratings: By following our how to be an outstanding host we are guiding you to receive the best reviews.  For many hosts its about learning and adapting to reviews.  You should always make sure your listings are accurate and therefore this is setting the baseline for a great experience.  If you are to receive a rating that was not expected, be open to learning from this.  Our support team is always here to guide you.

Communicate with campers: We have built a very transparent platform that allows easy communication between campers and hosts.  By doing this we are allowing you to stay in contact and allows the campers to feel secure.  Campers will have questions pre check-in around the experience, safety or simply guidance on the arrival instructions. 

Be clear on all your land rules: With the Campfly platform, you set the rules.  Make sure these are clear so that there is no confusion.  Anything from parties to accepted noise levels.  You need to set clear quiet times that the campers adhere to.

Minimize hazards: Before hosting, survey your property to identify any potential hazards or dangers. Consider where visitors might easily trip or fall; fix any exposed wires; and ensure stairs are safe with railings. Any hazards should either be removed or clearly marked.

Download a summary of the Campfly Hosting Standards here:Download Document