Camper FAQ

Campfly is a peer to peer platform connecting outdoor enthusiasts to private landowners. We are opening up new frontiers in Southern Africa. Anything from tent camping, caravanning/campervan sites, cabins, guesthouses, treehouses, and glamping. We are empowering landowners and providing an opportunity to earn income. Camping just became turbo charged.
To register with Campfly you follow the steps below. The registration process should take no more than 5 minutes:

1. Once you land on the homepage you will see register on the top right of the homepage. Click register and this will take you to the next step.

2. You will see the register screen pop-up. Fill in e-mail, password and registration type, you can register as “I want to book” or “I want to host” or both. Click on which one you want to register for.

3. You will be sent a registration verification e-mail; If you have not received it check your junk / spam inbox.

4. Now that you are registered you can now login using your credentials you provided before, you can now start to browse and book the available campsites.

5. Now that you are logged in you will see the profile icon at the top right. Click "Profile" and click on "Manage Profile" from the dropdown.

6. Enter all your personal details (Name, Surname, e-mail, cell etc), click on save changes.

You are now registered as a Camper

The following details how you go about booking a campsite through Campfly:

1. Log into your Campfly account using your credentials where you see login on the top right of the homepage;

2. Click on browse accommodation;

3. Search using where to do, dates and guests. You can also use the advanced filters to filter for amenities, terrain and activities;

4. Choose your stay;

5. Check the total of your booking;

6. Receive confirmation.

**Please note: Complete booking section will be launched soon.
At Campfly, we have made a very transparent platform. As such, all campers are able to contact the host. On all listings you will see a “contact campsite” button on the right hand side of the listing. This allows for you to message the host with any questions in relation to your stay. The host will receive an e-mail and can respond accordingly.
At Campfly we take security and privacy seriously. Therefore, for security purposes and to protect the privacy of our hosts, only an estimated location within a small radius of the property is shown on the listing. When you hover over a listing, the location icon will be highlighted so you know whereabouts the listing is. The full address will be provided to you via email after your booking has been confirmed.

Should you have any questions about the location we encourage you to contact your host prior to booking.
When a host lists their campsite with Campfly, they complete a section with detailed instructions on how to find your campsite. These include things like distance from main gate, accurate direction from the gate, closest landmarks, areal photos and exact GPS co-ordinates.

Once you book you will receive these directions in your confirmation e-mail. Worst case scenario you can always contact the host if you have any issues finding the campsite.
Campfly have a great feature that allows you to save all your favourite campsites for future reference. To do so:

1. Login to your Campfly account.

2. Search for your ideal campsite using all the filters (area, dates, terrain, activities, local attractions)

3. The listings will be returned

4. You can click on each listing to see if you would like to stay there or for future reference.

5. Click on the heart that is contained within each listing.

6. You will now be able to see these in your favourites under your profile section.
Instant book
"Instant book" means that campers are able to get immediate confirmation of their booking upon selecting available dates and going through the booking process. This is a really good feature for late bookings.

Request to book
With "request to book" listings, Hosts are given 24 hours to respond to campers' requests. Hosts can either accept or decline bookings, the request will expire after 24 hours if the Host does not respond. You can always book again if this is the case.
At Campfly we encourage honest feedback from both the host and the camper. As such once you have completed your stay you will receive an e-mail asking for feedback and a rating. We encourage open and honest feedback as it gives the host an opportunity to improve their listing.

**Please note the review section will be launched soon.
We leave it up to the hosts to determine if kids are allowed on their property.

Many Hosts share this information in their listing description, but if you aren't sure if kids are allowed or if kids under a certain age can come along for free, it's always best to contact the Host first.
In some or most situations the host will not greet you at the gate. Therefore you will need to make it to your spot by the check-in time or after and make sure you check-out on the given time. As such, it is assumed that if you have not cancelled the trip by the time you are supposed to have checked-in, it will be assumed that you have checked in and you will be charged for the stay accordingly. All campers also need to check-out of the property by the stipulated time.
We only charge you when a request to book is accepted. The same will apply for instant bookings. Due to these being instant (i.e. accepted) you will also be charged straight away. You will see the charge on your statement as Campfly Pty Ltd and the amount charged will be the same total value as you would have seen as the total when you confirmed the booking.
The Campfly service fee is applied to all bookings and is a flat 8%. In the case of cancellations it is 10% and is non-refundable, barring extenuating circumstances. The Campfly service fee is visible on the checkout page before booking a reservation. The service fee covers the cost of the platform, insurance and support costs.
Campfly is required to collect VAT on its service fees from all users who contract with Campfly. The VAT rate is calculated according to the local rate and is deemed to be 15%. VAT is charged at the time of payment and is based on the total guest service fee for a reservation.
At Camplfy we encourage reviews, therefore both Hosts and campers have the ability to review each other on Campfly. They let Hosts share feedback about a campers that can help another host in the future decide whether or not to accept a booking from that camper. Reviews can often provide information that potential Hosts wouldn’t have otherwise known. In the rare event that you receive a negative review, please note that we consider certain criteria. These are as per the below:

- Inappropriate content: No review should contain threats, hate speech, or name calling.

- Inaccurate content: Reviews should be truthful. If there is a detail of a review that you disagree with, you will need to provide photographic proof or other evidence to negate the claim in the review.
In the event that you need to cancel, first check your host’s cancellation policy by visiting the listing page. If you are within the cancellation window, you will be refunded everything minus the non-refundable Campfly service fee of 10%.

- Log into your account
- Navigate to your dashboard
- Select the trip you'd like to cancel
- Click Cancel.
With Campfly a host has three cancellation policies listed below:

- Flexible policy: If you cancel at least 24 hours before your check in day and time, you’ll receive a full refund (minus Campfly fees). If you cancel less than 24 hours before check in, there will be no refund.

- Moderate policy: If you cancel at least 3 days before your check in day and time, you’ll receive a full refund (minus Campfly fees). If you cancel within the 3 days before check in, there will be no refund.

- Strict policy - If you cancel at least 1 week before your check in day and time, you’ll receive a full refund (minus Campfly fees). If you cancel within the 1 week before check in, there will be no refund.

With regards to the cancellation policy, it corresponds to the 'check in' time the Host has selected in the reservations area. As an example, if  the check in time is 1pm and they have a Flexible Cancellation Policy, you will get a full refund if you cancel before 1pm the day before. However, note that if you cancel at 3pm the day before your check in, there will be no refund to you.
If you are requesting to book a listing, but you cancel your request before the Host accepts it, you will not be charged and none of the above policies will apply. The pending charge on your credit card will be released to you within seven business days, usually sooner than that.
If you decide to cancel please refer to the hosts cancellation policy. If you are within the cancellation policy period, you will be refunded the booking amount minus non-refundable service fee of 10% . Please note that if you are not within the cancellation policy period you will not be refunded.
Every host has the ability to pick their own cancellation policy. No different to hotels.

If you want to view the hosts cancellation policy, the details are contained on their listing page. Cancellations must be made within the check-in date and time of a Host's policy. If you cancel outside of the Host's policy you will be subject to the hosts cancellation policy. Note that under the three cancellation policies, if you cancel outside of the cancellation period, you will not receive any funds back.
When you book using “request to book” you will see that the booking states “pending”.

You can go to the pending booking and click cancel. The host will then receive and e-mail notifying them about the cancellation.
Natural disasters

We are very aware that camping is subject to things out of our control. If a booking needs to be cancelled due to a natural disaster, public health crisis, or other act of nature that will prevent a trip from being safely completed, then the person that made the initial booking is eligible to collect a full credit including the Campfly service fee. In order to initiate this process, you or your Host will need to get in touch with Campfly Support.

The Host will not collect any money for these bookings, regardless of their chosen cancellation policy.